How could the Around the Lake Give’r Take 30 be made even better?

With a new route, and added distance to make it a truer 30 kilometre route! The 15th annual edition of the race includes much of the same route along beautiful forested trails, but with some new trails early in Leg 1 to add to the challenge as well as distance.

This means that as of this year, with a new route, there will be a new race record established, as the record for the original course is retired. It was set in the race’s first year with a time of 2:10:32 by William Emerson.

Leg 1:

The course begins at Main Beach, Cultus Lake and takes you for a warm-up loop through the quaint lake-side suburb down Sunnyside Blvd and then back along the waterfront to Main Beach. Just after crossing Lakeshore Drive, you’ll take a quick right as you start the first single track ascent and then left to the top of Old Brokeback. Cross the road, then up Lower, Middle, and Upper Notarizer and then another left on to the top of Sunnyside Up, a steady runnable up. Atop Sunnyside Up you will finally emerge onto the wide access road where you’ll see your 6 km Parmentor Road aid station.

From the aid station, just down off the road you’ll enter Karry’d Away and follow all the way to a hard left onto TTT and back onto the original course route. This section, from the Parmenter Road aid station may well be the most technical part of your run. Try to stay upright as this can be some sloppy running in slippery mud! Although TTT starts as an undulating dirtbike trail, it will eventually bomb downhill until you meet a tricky right hand turn. This turn can be easy to miss as you will be focused on your feet, so keep your eyes peeled for markers!

The trail will end and turns you left onto a flat(ish) access road. The road will gradually descend towards the open fields of the Monastery. Shhhhh, no talking or loud noises on the Monastery grounds please! Follow the markers across the field where you will be greeted by one of our volunteers who will help you through the “running” gate. Just past this gate is a driveway leading you to the 14k Columbia Valley Hwy aid station.

Time to hit the pavement! A 3k blast down the road and past the resort homes and Lindell Beach Road to the 17k Watt Creek transition point.

Cutoff time at the Watt Creek transition point is 11:45 am for all:  relay teams, 30 km solo and 60 km ultra (2nd loop).


Leg 2 (17k):

Leg two begins with a tough switch­back sec­tion that will get the legs screaming! As you reach the top, the trail undulates through a scenic sec­tion of forest. It will come to an end at a “T” intersection where you will follow the markers to the left, over a wide and flat trail. If raining be prepared for a little mud in this section!

Before you start heading down (and if you see Teapot Hill trail, you’ve gone too far!), follow the horse trail to the right, which will gently wind and climb its way through another beautiful section of forest. Coming down the steep descent, turn right and cross the creek. Be careful crossing the water, as the rocks can be slippery. Then it’s undulating through more forest until the descent to the Clear Creek aid station.

The 23k Clear Creek aid station is at the foot of the dreaded Edmeston Hill before you Climb…climb…climb. Eventually the trail will start down­ward, through lush forest of evergreens and cottonwoods, including at least two creek crossings. The trail will end at a “T” intersection where you will go left and descend for 2 fast kilometers towards Edmeston Road.

You will see a yellow park gate as you approach the end of the trail and the beginning of the road. Turn left down the road until it intersects with Columbia Valley Road, where you will turn right for a short road run – watch for traffic! You’ll bump into a Course Marshal, who will direct you towards the beach. Enjoy the view of Cultus Lake as you hug the shoreline for 3k. Approaching Main Beach, you’ll see the finish line in the distance to keep you motivated. Congratulations, this will be the exciting end of your journey!


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